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Our customizable XML feed lets you serve high-performing ads to your audience via search results, direct site ad spaces, or parked domains

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  • Pay-Per-Click Payment Model.
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  • Relevant Ads.
  • Intelligent Matching Algorithms.
  • XML Feeds, Display Ads, Video Ads, Intext Ads.
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We at AdXFactory Media, deliver high performance output by using ideally suited technological solutions. As a partner, you have the distinct and unique advantage of seeing new opportunities and solutions, resulting in a richer Customer Experience.
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With partners, we pursue mutual business goals, by delivering high quality advertisement success ratios, to all those committed to the project. Together, we can efficiently deliver websites, XML, applications and high value returns, to both companies and individuals.
Join us Today, to improve your revenues and make best use of technological advancements, at our end. Get connected instantly to more publishers and advertisers, and get a larger exposure, through our highly successful, business models!
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